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Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato Tarot Seed Packet


The Ace of Pentacles represents prosperity and new beginnings. This special breed of tomato with its sweet, tropical flavor profile is a wonderful substitute for the average tomato.

Solanum Lycopersicum Annual

Dr. Wyche overwintered with the Carson & Barnes circus where he fertilized his terraced mountaintop gardens with elephant manure and scattered lion and tiger waste to keep out deer and rabbits. This gorgeous plant produces large golden-yellow tomatoes. Meaty flesh and rich flavor. Indeterminate.

Envelope contains 15 seeds.

  • SUN NEEDS: full sun (minimum of 6 hours)
  • PLANTING DEPTH: 1/3 inch
  • GERMINATION: 7-14 days
  • MATURITY: 75-85 days
  • SOIL TYPE: soil amended with compost
  • SUPPORT NEEDED: Indeterminate. Cage, stake, or trellis

Sow seeds indoors and space 24-36 inches apart. Wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm as tomato plants are vulnerable to frost. Plant deeper than they were growing in the containers as it makes a stronger roots system.