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Custom Garland Kit


Brand Bracket

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Create your own party banner and decorations with our garland kit. We've designed this kit in a modern color combo with beautiful gold foil accents on each letter. It comes with 80 alphabet and symbol tiles in 3 modern colors with gold foil accents. 5 yards of string included.

  • Each kit comes with: 
  • 5 tiles each: A, E  
  • 4 tiles each:  H, O, <3
  • 3 tiles each: B, C, D, G, I, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, Y
  • 2 tiles each: F, J, K, U, V, W
  • 1 tile each: Q, X, Z, !,#,&,?
  • 5 yards of string included in the kit
  • 5" circles printed with white text and accented with gold foil
  • 3 colors per pack: pale pink, mint, and yellow