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Why can't we have fun and also be socially conscious at the same time? Honestly, we can and in fact, our mission is to break this barrier.

Can't we as a community can educate, activate, engage and protest and also just want to have a fun party in the midst of it all. Sounds like a combative concept, but I personally think they tie in together perfectly. This is a huge struggle I have dealt with over the years. I ask myself "Can I stop?", "Can I take a break?", "Is it wrong if I want to just throw a birthday party with streamers, balloon and spent 30 minutes perfecting my boomerang with friends?". Nope, this is perfectly fine and in fact, encouraged. In order to do the work to fight injustice and social issues, we need to readjust and think about this as our life long marathon of resistance. This marathon will require you to take breaks, take time to your self and go at your own pace because the work is grueling and will burn you out if you don't. Self-care for yourself in whatever means you need.

Party Art Community is a party shop with gifting goods sourced from local women/femme owned businesses. We also provided an array of affordable workshops, bringing the community together. So here I am declaring that you can join a protest on Friday, attend an engaging community workshop on Saturday and host the best birthday party on Sunday. We are the shop to help you do all this too.

Keep fighting the good fight and don't forget to have fun.