We are so excited for this years gift guide. We put extra care and attention into and also utilized customer feedback. We hope you are able to find gifts and trinkets for many if not all the peeps on your list. 

Don't forget that each purchase over $50 includes free shipping. Maybe ship something directly to your loved ones or purchase early to ensure delivery in time. If you happen to live near our shop, stop by in-person to purchase confidently and quickly.


GIFT GUIDE #1: For the Fruit Enthusiast⁠

Check out each of these fruity items here

GIFT GUIDE #2: For the A-Type

Plan something great for the planner here

GIFT GUIDE #3: For the Cat Loving Plant Parent

Grab some purrrrrfect here

GIFT GUIDE #4: For the One That Owes a LOT to the Swear Jar

Pick out the best f*cking item here


GIFT GUIDE #5: For the TV Show Binger

Flip through the channels items here