Project Float: Balloons for the Youth Community's Birthdays

Birthdays have become a creative outlet for everyone during quarantine. From drive by celebrations to zoom parties with family and friends, birthdays are an inevitable force to be reckoned with. In light of the one year COVID anniversary, unique birthday celebrations have been a ray of light in dark times. Community and connection has allowed our birthdays to persevere (in a safe, CDC guidelines- following manner) and keep the hope and joy of the human spirit alive!

As individuals and a community, we have proven to be perseverant and strong-willed. We must highlight the communities that have been overlooked and underserved. Under-resourced communities and BIPOC communities have been hit hardest this past year. Financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally; 2020 was...draining. 

To show our love and thanks for the support our community has shown through uncertain times, we at Party Art Community want give back. 

Any kids between 1 -17 years old can stop by our shop on their birthday with an ID, and grab one free balloon with helium. No cost. No hidden agendas. Just wanting to give kids access and create more joy in our community!

This project will be continuous and ongoing.

March 20, 2021 — Destinie Escobedo

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